Sky High Optimisation

“For the first time in our Optimisation journey, we’re able to tie data backed hypothesis, to creative execution, and report back to the business exactly what impact we’re making to the bottom line”.

– Cathryn Arnold, Head of Digital, Jetstar.


In just six months, Jetstar achieved 106% of their annual revenue target.


Annualised ROI from the first month of testing.


Data records were analysed, deconstructed and reviewed to gain actionable outcomes.

The Work

In 2017 Jetstar embarked on overhauling their testing and optimisation strategy. They partnered with The Lumery to adopt a new data-driven optimisation program. The program included:

  • Adoption of a data-driven approach to testing and optimisation allowing Jetstar to move beyond simple A/B testing and start leveraging their rich customer travel data.
  • Shifting to an ROI mentality with a more in-depth view of revenue modelling against all optimisation work in order to build a business case for increased resource and investment.
  • Creation of an optimisation business practice. The Optimisation practice had to support Jetstar’s organisation as a whole, across all key business units, regions and execution in 8 different languages.


  • Optimisation & testing has become a critical revenue driving arm of the business at Jetstar.
  • The successful execution of this program has led to a business wide transformation in the area of testing and optimisation with a culture of test and learn now firmly in place.
  • In just 6 months Jetstar achieved 106% of their annual revenue target
  • 1300% Return on technology and services investment
  • 1M+ incremental revenue in the first 60 days
  • 3 days to migrate to new platform with zero disruption across 4 countries
  • CRO integrated with the wider ‘stack’

Delivering an Optimisation Business Practice

Develop a new approach to testing and optimisation that focuses on revenue driving initiatives

Implement new optimisation process across Jetstar business and agency landscape

Develop a more strategic approach to CRO that enables Jetstar to create internal capability

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