CEO Mag Feature: Want to foster talent? Encourage people to be themselves


5 months ago by Andrea

In this feature in CEO Magazine, The Lumery’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, Rajan Kumar, shares his insights into why it’s important to encourage an authentic culture of learning, challenge and reward, and a working environment where people can just enjoy being themselves.

“At The Lumery, we’re redefining how data and tech are used to deliver rich, meaningful customer experiences,” he told CEO Mag. “And we believe it’s our people that make that difference, not just the nuts and bolts of technology. That’s why, when we’re recruiting, we don’t just look for skill, talent and cultural fit.”

“We look for people who are genuinely excited about what we do and want to be part of our journey. We also ensure that during our onboarding process we communicate what The Lumery stands for in the industry, and how nurturing and valuing individual talent is our priority.”

Read the full article as featured in CEO Magazine

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