Cover Story: The Promise Of SaaS Is Held Back By Familiar Problems


7 months ago by Andrea

In this Which-50 cover story,  The Lumery’s Chairman and Co-Founder Simon’O’Day shares his insights into the common pitfalls and red flags to be wary of when seeking out a new software-as-a-service solution.

“We’re now leaving the ‘super sales era’, and recognising vendors have, in many ways, overlooked their customer’s real internal capability, data and process abilities – and how these factors reflect long-term success,” O’Day told Which-50.

“Of course some are now addressing this, but too many vendors are still driven by their shareholder and investment needs for monthly and annual recurring revenue growth and ‘magic SaaS growth’ across customer, sales and revenue. This is not a bad thing in itself, but could have unintended consequences long-term.”

O’Day says he has observed “customers have become numb to the vendor’s approach based on feeling they are being sold to continually,” and the industry needs a greater focus on making the customer successful.

In a new age of “post-big spending in vendor land by marketing heads,” he says, CMOs must engage their CIO when buying of marketing technology, and vendors sales pitches — once disconnected from the hard reality of existing data, people and process of customers — should focus on the ‘go live’ phase and beyond.

Read the full article as featured on Which-50.

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