Key learnings from the Programmatic Forum 2019


2 months ago by Andrea

Programmatic, insourcing, viewability and adfraud surfaced as hot discussion topics at the latest Programmatic Forum hosted by Ashton Media in Sydney.

Moderating the roundtable topic of ‘Building the Business Case for Programmatic,’ The Lumery’s Senior Client Director, Taylor Svarc revealed her key learnings from the event.

How did you enjoy the event?

It was very enjoyable and we were all offered some valuable insights into the state of programmatic, and its application across so many industry sectors. It was also great to speak with so many industry experts and spend time deep-diving in the topics with a range of marketers and agency folk.

What were key issues around programmatic discussed?

I spoke with people across a very diverse range of industry verticals, including tourism, retail, media agency, martech, healthcare, insurance and finance.

Interestingly, there were a lot of challenges that brands were facing that were all very relatable and common. In particular, education around programmatic, socialising within the business and ‘not knowing where to begin.’

Another key talking point was the bad press programmatic has been receiving in recent times, including the issues around viewability, ad fraud, privacy and of course, the recent ACCC’s pro-privacy push on ‘marketing surveillance.’

What talking points made you buzz?

Discussing the elephant in the room: insourcing programmatic. It was super interesting to hear the varying points of views of the different brands plus the opinions from the agencies, as well as the adtech providers.

What was especially insightful was discussing the trend for insourcing given the highly competitive digital marketing and advertising space, and the push to drive greater efficiency, while offering greater transparency across data ownership, media and performance.

What was also surprising was hearing where all the various brands were in their programmatic journey, and where you would expect them to be. Discussing the scope of activity running, the specialist skills required and the structures needed to maximise the chance of success. It all made it evident that while the road ahead is exciting, there are still a number of tactical challenges to tackle ahead.

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