MI-3 Feature: Martech ‘snake oil’ claims are hurting marketers


3 months ago by Andrea

In this deep dive podcase and feature published in MI-3, Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks to The Lumery’s Managing Director, Rajan Kumar and City Beach’s Head of Marketing, Mike Doyle, on why martech ‘snake oil claims’ are hurting marketers and how the industry needs to ‘start being honest.’

“We’re seeing an over-simplification of what the challenge actually is,” Kumar told MI-3. “What happens from a vendor perspective or a sales perspective is that the solution starts to become oversimplified and we’re underestimating what is required from a resource perspective, a skill set, processes, ways of working and organisational structure in terms of what’s required to make this come to life. It’s a lot of work and it’s not easy.”

“While technology investment may be significant, the technology bit is the easier part. There is great tech everywhere. The heart of it is the capability an organisation chooses to build around their technology.  Ultimately, that’s competitive advantage. That’s what’s going to help a brand stand out from another brand. It’s not the technology they choose.”

Read the full article in MI-3 here.

Listen to the MI-3 Podcast here.

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