Report: The Shift to Predictive Engagement


6 months ago by Andrea

In this special investigative report by the Which-50 Intelligence Unit, in partnership with Genesys, The Lumery’s Senior Strategist, Edward McMutrie, reveals while the shift to a predictive engagement mindset offers many opportunities for success, information silos are just as big a problem as they are in traditional analytics.

“While reactive analytics provides essential context over historical results and performance, predictive engagement informs what is happening now — confirming or disproving what we knew to be true,” McMutrie told Which-50. “There is definitely a greater challenge in connecting information when it’s split across systems, teams or processes, spending most of the time making sure the pipes match up.”

The report, The Shift to Predictive Engagement, draws on qualitative research with senior marketing, commercial and digital leaders across a range of sectors in Australia who have shifted or started the shift to predictive engagement.

Widely discussed across a number of feature stories, including Predictive Engagement Helping Drive Australian Banks’ CX And MarketingA Peek Into The Future – Identifying The Benefits Of Predictive Engagement and Which-50 Investigates: Mastering Predictive Analytics Will Enable Predictive Engagement, the report uncovers:

  • Drivers behind the move to predictive engagement
  • Business impact and benefits received
  • Pitfalls and challenges faced along the way

Download your copy here.



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