Suffering From CDP Sensory Overload? Here’s 7 Things to Do Before You Invest


2 months ago by Andrea

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are everywhere. The new ‘darling’ of the Martech stack. The promise of finally being able to unify data, stitch digital identities and build audiences for the ultimate omni-channel experience. Sounds like the promised land, and now there are a multitude of vendors selling “all flavours of CDP.”

In fact, since 2018 the number of CDP vendors has risen by 60 per cent, with over 100 vendors now operating in this space. And with the recent announcements of Salesforce and Adobe both moving into the CDP arena, it’s becoming a crowded and complex space to navigate.

In this opinion piece, The Lumery’s Strategic Planner, Juan Mendoza reveals 7 key things you need to be doing before you sign that CDP order form.

Read the full opinion piece, now live on The Martech Advisor and the Martech Series.

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