Laying the foundation for a digital future: Metricon & The Lumery

As Metricon continues to leverage its position as the builder more people trust than any other in the ever-evolving digital age, it places high value on seamless customer experiences.
September 21, 2021
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Metricon Homes is Australia’s largest residential home builder. Established in 1976, Metricon builds more than 6,000 homes a year across Victoria, NSW, South Australia and QLD, helping thousands of Australians to love where they live. As Metricon continues to leverage its position as the builder more people trust than any other in the ever-evolving digital age, it places high value on seamless customer experiences.

“We’re a business that’s always growing, but to grow with purpose we know we need to provide an excellent customer experience. We want to be seen as number one, not just for our homes but also for our customer experience,” says Preoshun Poonasamy, Digital Product Manager at Metricon Homes.

From bricks to data and digital

Over the years, Metricon has developed a wealth of data and information related to its customers, their preferences, and experiences. With much of this critical information housed in disparate locations and owned by different departments, the business realised that the information at their fingertips could be better leveraged for more streamlined and structured marketing, innovation and sales. Metricon went on the hunt for the right partner to help them drive better and deeper insights from their data through technology.

In their initial brief, Metricon explained it was looking for an agency partner to support them in identifying and developing its ideal marketing technology stack. However, The Lumery recognised that this was a bigger business challenge that required intel from different business divisions, partners, and parties to ensure they were responding to the right problem before diving into the existing tech stack.

“When it comes to MarTech, it’s critical that businesses look at the entire organisation, from data, people, processes, to technology. Too often, MarTech is seen as solely tech, or marketing. But really, customer experience underpins a business’ growth, and should sit at the executive level. We were thrilled Metricon aligned with our vision and bought into our approach,” says Ben Desailly, Head of Advisory at The Lumery.

The Lumery’s first critical step was to conduct a full Digital Capability Review, interviewing nearly 40 stakeholders across areas of the business, and mapping Metricon’s existing technology landscape. By identifying what was and wasn’t working, The Lumery was then able to make recommendations and educate the business on where they could, working together, enhance their digital capability and future growth. Through this process, Metricon discovered new ways of looking at its business — shifting the company culture towards the importance of data and its impact on improving customer experience.

“We were really impressed with The Lumery’s ability to take the time to understand the core issues at Metricon related to data and the customer experience through their Discovery phase. The team demonstrated an understanding of where we were at as a business, and they’ve continued this throughout our engagement,” says Belinda Tesoriero, CRM Campaign Manager, Metricon.

The Digital Capability Review provided an all-encompassing view, revealing data and processes outside of the digital team that could be used to improve business efficiencies.

As Belinda explains, “What was really encouraging about the review process is that it expanded the shared view of all the data within the company.”

“Because the review touched on not just people in our immediate area — the interviews were so far and wide — it gave us the confidence that we weren’t just looking at this business problem through our own lens. Getting an objective, outside perspective from someone who was actually going to look at the processes peripheral to us, and really holistically, gave us the confidence to know this is the path we need to take and how that could lead to our future in the digital world.”

“The Lumery was very clear from the beginning that their purpose wasn’t to come in and recommend a heap of new software… it was about working with us to leverage and maximise existing software. We’re now using the learnings from the analysis to shape that. This meant we didn’t feel we were jumping into massive decisions and spending a lot of money on tech products that maybe weren’t going to give us what we wanted or the return on investment.”

An evolving journey & roadmap for the future

While The Lumery’s work to understand Metricon’s data and information business objectives is at the start of an ongoing digital journey, it has already brought a lot more alignment across the business. The business now has a roadmap for change.

“There is so much more we can offer our customers by getting the data, our processes, our people, and our systems in place. We look at industries like automotive and real estate and hope to achieve that kind of digital capability,” says Preoshun.

The Lumery has since embarked on some targeted projects with Metricon. They include a lead qualification strategy piece looking at the company’s alignment between sales and marketing and how leads are quantified and defined. The Lumery has also provided support on the underpinning marketing data model as well as driving understanding, buy-in and alignment on Data Governance.

“Data governance has been something the business has wanted to adopt but didn’t know how to start. Working on this project with the Lumery has helped us build greater understanding what each person does, and why they do it, bringing other business units along, so we all have a more seamless understanding of the entire customer journey,” says Preoshun.
“The roadmap pathway on data has forced us to reach out to other divisions and learn what they do and that can only be a better thing from a cultural perspective.”
“The Lumery’s methodology communicated very eloquently to senior stakeholders and the project team that this is a journey and the capability around digital maturity needs to continue to be evaluated. We have been able to highlight the benefits for a customer experience and business efficiency.”
“We are delighted to be partnering with the team at The Lumery. With their support, we have been able to take a thorough and holistic look at data and technology with the view to make impactful changes to our business.

We continue to work with the Lumery to develop and deliver our martech roadmap to improve our marketing insights, efficiencies and to deliver a market leading digital customer experience” says Kelly Millar, National Marketing Services Manager at Metricon. “Our team are excited to continue this work and to realise the customer and business benefits of our roadmap” Kelly added.

The Lumery teams that supported Metricon:

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Laying the foundation for a digital future: Metricon & The Lumery
As Metricon continues to leverage its position as the builder more people trust than any other in the ever-evolving digital age, it places high value on seamless customer experiences.