Welcome The Lumery India

CEO, Rajan Kumar reflects on his recent trip to Bengaluru, India, and a special moment for the whole company as we officially welcome, The Lumery India!
November 3, 2023
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“I’ve always felt like a Lume”.

That was the reaction from one of our India team members when we first announced to them that we were officially setting up The Lumery (TL) India as our very own company and moving away from a third-party setup. A setup which has been very successful over the last few years, but our growth and maturity called for more. And the fact that our team members already felt deeply connected with TL made this step even more obvious.

We’ve always aimed to create an employee experience with our India team is on par with what we have in Australia. So, whilst Alastair Johnson and I initially planned this trek with perhaps more of an operational lens; you know, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to finalise the setup of our new company here, physically being in Bengaluru, India with our team made it abundantly clear that we've accomplished something very special. It's a moment that deserves reflection and celebration.

The Lumery India represents our continued growth ambitions. The ability to deliver to our customers at a greater scale, but also set us up to deliver to customers beyond our local ANZ shores. But this isn’t just the setup of an ‘offshore team’. No, no, no. This is us taking the foundations of TL; the values, the culture, what we believe in - and creating an industry leading version of that in India. With its own vibrancy, colour, beliefs and vision tied into our overarching TL purpose. And sitting with my team and hearing them speak about their individual drivers and desires; I feel like I did when we were 20 people in Cremorne in 2018 - led by Adarsh Dhananjayadas, they’re ready to make their mark.

I’ve never been to India even though it is the home of my ancestors. So, this trip was always going to have an element of personal intrigue; to see, hear, learn, feel, taste part of my own history.

It has left me with an increased curiosity. A desire to dig even deeper. I’ve told my team to get ready, I’m coming back. As I type this on the flight from Singapore to Melbourne, it just hit me that this is my first international trip since COVID. This sure does beat the 5km radius walk.

The part that has blown me away though has been how this cultural thread has seemingly been interwoven with our story at The Lumery. It has left me in awe. Speechless at times (I know, hard to do). It’s almost as if this was meant to be. Like, this was always the path. I can’t quite describe it and as much as I try, the words spoken by Jaicy George - our Community Coach in India - at our official TL India kick off dinner, were the most poignant. Expertly weaving our founding story, with our new beginnings. I want to share that verbatim here as we officially kick The Lumery India and move into the next important moment in our story...

"This is a moment in time. A moment in The Lumery trajectory. Today is the golden outcome of days, weeks, months and years of a powerful Vision. The founding of Lumery India.

Good evening, Raj, AJ, Ady and all you wonderful Lumes.

It is with a great sense of pride that I stand here on behalf of Team Lumery as we all step into this new and exciting phase of the establishment of Lumery India. We are indeed happy to have with us Raj and AJ who have travelled across the oceans to grace this momentous occasion and I consider ourselves very privileged to be a part of this transition journey, this moment in time.

And this would not have possible without the relentless effort of Ady who has put in his sweat, soul and spirit to make this a reality.

Would now call upon Raj, AJ and Ady to light the candle and Lamp as is tradition here in our country India on this auspicious beginning.

Light symbolizes knowledge. Light represents the presence of God. Light also represents the direction and guidance of God. The lighting of a lamp removes darkness spreading the Almighty’s grace and divine energy in the surrounding. Light also symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and knowledge.

The word Light plays a significant role in the heart and soul of The Lumery.

The Lumery is derived from the word: Luminary, which also means Source of light.

The Astrological term for the ‘two brightest most important objects in the heavens, the Sun and Moon.

It is the Collective noun for a company of the brightest of minds, leading lights in their respective fields of expertise.

A place or state wherein heightened states of complexity and confusion are simplified by use of intelligence, intuition, empathy, science, marketing and technology resulting in monumental, positive shifts for business and humanity.

A shinin’ group of talented individuals who, when combined, become one of the most fiercest, bunch of superstars, energetic. Passionate. Inquisitive. Inspiring. Challenging. Collective. Courageous. Progressive. Hopeful. Warm. Humble. Loud. Quiet. Evolving. Fresh. Unexpected. Humorous. Humans this world has ever seen.

I stop here and invite AJ to formally tie the ribbon instead of cutting the Ribbon that unifies the two entities, TL Australia and Lumery India with the symbolic representation of The Kangaroo and The Elephant bound by one golden ribbon." - Jaicy George, Personal and Community Coach.

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Welcome The Lumery India
CEO, Rajan Kumar reflects on his recent trip to Bengaluru, India, and a special moment for the whole company as we officially welcome, The Lumery India!